Rvolution From Bed:

In this interactive full-day workshop led by Roi Shternin, participants will learn how to enact revolutionary change - even when starting from difficult situations like illness, injury or unpredictability. Roi will share his inspiring personal story of starting a healthcare movement from his hospital bed despite facing uncertainty.

The Power of Story: How Patient Organizations Can Inspire Change Through Narrative

earn how to craft compelling patient stories that motivate action. Discover best practices for story capturing, sharing and scaling impact. Participants will develop story frameworks to advance your organization's mission through the universal language of human experience. Walk away with strategies and tools to inspire change through the stories in your community.

Boosting Resilience in an Age of Uncertainty

This workshop provides practical strategies and tools for individuals and organizations to build resilience and navigate uncertainty effectively.

Chief Patient Officer Training

This workshop provides training for individuals who want to become Chief Patient Officers or similar roles in healthcare organizations. It covers key skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead patient-centered initiatives.

Innovation Under uncertainty Workshop

A workshop guiding attendees to use constraints as catalysts for creative problem-solving. Applying Roi's methods for starting revolutions from limitations.

Patient Empowerment in Healthcare Organizations

This workshop provides practical strategies and tools for healthcare organizations to implement patient empowerment in their own practices, including how to involve patients in decision-making and co-designing care.

Enhancing Patient Experience and Satisfaction

This workshop provides practical strategies and tools for healthcare organizations to improve patient experience and satisfaction, including how to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for patients.

Storytelling for Healthcare Professionals

This workshop provides training on how to use storytelling to engage, educate, and empower patients and healthcare providers.

Leading Through Adversity Workshop

This interactive workshop would teach strategies and skills for overcoming challenges, embracing uncertainty, and guiding others through difficult times. Participants would work on developing resilience and clarity.

Patient Advocacy Bootcamp

An intensive training providing tools and role-plays for effective patient advocacy. Covering topics like mobilizing communities, communicating visions, navigating systems, and measuring progress.

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