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Join the medical revolution with Roi Shternin - patient advocate, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author. Empowering patients worldwide. #HealthcareRevolution

The Chronic Entrepreneur

First ever patient in Residence


Looking for an inspiring keynote speaker or workshop trainer? Roi Shternin has overcome a rare medical condition, founded patient-led organizations, and authored a book on patient empowerment. His passion for helping patients regain control of their lives shines through in every speaking engagement and workshop. Partner with Roi to inspire your audience and make a difference in the world.


Choose from a range of impactful and inspiring workshops, including building resilience, transforming your life, cultivating mindfulness and gratitude, overcoming adversity, and unleashing your inner champion. Each draws on Roi Shternin's powerful story of resilience and offers practical strategies and tools to help participants achieve their goals. Contact us to learn more and customize a workshop to suit your needs.


Roi Shternin is a patient advocate, entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker who founded several social startups and NGOs dedicated to empowering individuals and communities. He has been recognized as a pioneer in patient-led medical innovation and has revolutionized healthcare through his work with governments and industries. Despite living with POTS, he manages his condition and is a symbol of resilience, inspiring others to take control of their own health journey.
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Patient Expert

As a Advisor, Roi Shternin brings a unique perspective to the table, drawing on his experience as a patient, entrepreneur, and patient advocate. He has worked with governments, industries, and medical centers to promote patient-centered care and innovation, and his expertise in healthcare technology and patient engagement is highly sought after. Roi's passion for empowering patients and improving healthcare outcomes makes him an invaluable asset to any organization looking to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry.
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My books

Revolution From My Bed: Regain Control of Your Life as a Patient

Rejecting his doctor's dire prognosis, Shternin diagnosed himself with a not-so-rare condition and regained full control of his life. In this book, he offers a wake-up call to doctors and a call to action for chronically ill patients. This is a story of resilience and hope that inspires patients to take control of their own health journey.

What Do Patients Want?

comprehensive guide for healthcare professionals on effective strategies for empowering patients and improving outcomes. Based on theories and the author's experience, it covers developing empathy, storytelling, education, resilience and challenges. The toolkit equips practitioners to enhance engagement and collaboration for better patient-centered care.

The Little Book of Patient Communication

This  book provides strategies for compassionate care, empowering patients through education and resilience. It presents a patient-centered healthcare model and toolkit for engagement. Communication and engagement are examined for improving outcomes. Resources are included for ongoing learning on these crucial topics. This is a must-read for providers wanting to understand patients' perspectives and empower them in managing their health.

My podcast

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Join me on a mission to inspire a "Revolution From Your Bed."

After overcoming POTS syndrome, which left him bedridden for almost one-third of his life, Roi is now determined to help others break free from their limitations and make positive changes in their lives.
In this podcast, Roi shares his personal journey of self-discovery and recovery, along with conversations with experts and individuals who have revolutionized their lives from their own beds. From dealing with chronic illness to pursuing personal and professional goals, Roi offers practical advice, motivational insights, and empowering strategies to help listeners create their own revolutions.
Whether you're looking for inspiration to get started, support to stay motivated, or guidance to navigate obstacles, "Revolution From Your Bed" is the perfect podcast for you. Tune in to hear Roi's powerful message of hope and transformation, and join the revolution today!

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As a top keynote speaker, Roi has inspired thousands with his incredible life story about adversity, resilience, and overcoming obstacles. He was honored to speak at the largest TEDx event in Shanghai, sharing his message in front of thousands.

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