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Hi, i'm Roi Shternin, Entrepreneur From Israel

After Being Ill for years, Roi has diagnosed himself with a rare condition (POTS Syndrome), Starting a medical revolution, saving lives and promoting health on his way to saving It's own life.
A graduate of the Social-Educational Initiative Incubator at the Kibbutzim College of Education , Roi Shternin deals with and promotes health and education. He is the founder of the lifesaving Help+ App, which is designed to not only benefit the general public, but also specifically assist the deaf and hearing-impaired call for help. Roi is also co-founder of two lifesaving medical device startups, & iDefi. In addition, he also established the "LaBriut!"("For GoodHealth") project, and "Hearts" program. After self-diagnosing himself with a rare and untreated syndrome, Roi is helping to empower individuals and communities through mentoring and pro-bono counseling. Roi has embarked on a journey to revolutionized medicine, making healthcare accessible to anyone, anywhere.
Roi is a top instructor at Udemy, the world's largest online learning community, featuring courses on public speaking and life saving skills. Roi was one of the founders of the TEDx community in Israel and regards as a TEDx experts, training dozens of TEDx speakers.
Roi gave a talk at the prestigious TEDx in Shanghai held on the Mercedes Benz arena:
Roi is now engaged in several projects, charity work and board memberships..
Founder- Project hearts
Board member - First intervention Ghana
At a veteran startup founder, Roi often consults Startup founders, companies and institutions.

As a world renowned public speaker and trainer, Roi engages in lectures and workshops. Among his clients: Universities, schools, hospitals and more.

Roi Shternin רועי שטרנין

לאחר שנים של חולי במחלה חשוכת מרפא, ולאחר שרופאיו וויתרו עליו, עשה רועי את הבלתי יאמן ואבחן את עצמו. הוא למד ללכת מחדש בגיל 27 ומאז הוא רץ קדימה. בשש השנים מאז שאובחן, רועי הקים 4 סטארטאפים בתחום הרפואה, 2 מיזמים חינוכיים זוכי פרסים והיה הראשון בישראל שהביא אירוע טד לאקדמיה ואחד הבודדים שזכו לדבר באירוע טד בחו״ל. היום הוא מעצים קהלים באמצעות סיפורו מעורר ההשראה, נותן כלים פרקטיים ומפתחות להצלחה למנהלים ומנהיגים וקהלים שונים בארץ ובחו״ל ופועל לקידום הבריאות, הבטיחות והחינוך בארץ ובעולם.

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